You can design the perfect dining collection for your home (Part 2)

by Country View Woodworking Ltd on 2018-08-17 14:16:41

In Part I of this article published in our July blog, we discussed the important role that comfort and style play when selecting dining room furniture. Now in Part II, we’ll discuss the various choices when it comes to selecting and customizing a table, as well as expanding your collection with coordinating storage options. 

What to consider when selecting a table

Wood species

Choose what type of wood you prefer, from options such as Oak, Brown Maple, Cherry, Rustic Cherry, or Elm/Brown Maple.

Base type

Options for the base type include table legs, pedestal, and trestle. With pedestals and trestles, choose from single or double. 

Table shape

The shape of your room and the total space you have available for your new table will probably be the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a table shape. Options include round, square, rectangular, or oval. Rectangular and oval shapes work best in long, rectangular spaces or rooms, while round and square tables work well in square shaped rooms or areas. 


If you have limited space in your dining area or kitchen, choosing a table with leaves is an excellent option for when you have company and want to expand your table. This allows you to have a smaller and more personal dining table if you have a small family, while giving you the ability to accommodate dinner guests with ease. You’ll want to make sure to measure carefully to determine whether you’ll have enough space around the expanded table for people to comfortably walk around it and get in and out of the chairs. Depending on the type of table you choose, leaf options may include self-storing, non-self-storing, or butterfly leaf, and normally come in 12”- or 18”-wide sections. Some tables can accommodate up to 4 leaves, which is perfect for families who regularly host large gatherings. 


On some tables, you may be able to choose profiles for the table top, edge, apron, and leg (if you opt for legs versus pedestal or trestle) allowing you to customize the look of your furniture even further. Choosing profiles can be based on comfort as well as style preference. 

Stain or finish type

Choosing your preferred stain or finish type allows you add personality to your furniture pieces, and you have so many more options to choose from than you do if you purchase a mass-produced product. Finishes can be selected to match current woodworking or existing furnishings, to contrast with or offset existing woodwork, or to just make a statement in your home. Trending options such as distressing or rubbed through paint may also be available on some pieces.

Select storage options to complete your collection

If you have the space, adding storage options such as buffets, servers, sideboards, hutches, or china or pottery cabinets can bring functionality and interest to your dining area. With multiple styles and finish options available, it’s easy to find storage options that coordinate with your table and chairs.

If you’re ready for new dining room furniture, we’ll gladly direct you to the closest CVW retailer in your area. Any of the retailers we work with can help you choose furniture that’s perfect for your home! Check here to find out where to buy CVW products to get started. 

designing your own dining room collection

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