Create a guest room that will make your guests feel right at home

by Country View Woodworking Ltd on 2018-09-15 22:10:08

Fall is the best time to refresh your home’s interior, and with the holidays coming in just a few short months, you may be considering putting together a guest bedroom. Whether you regularly host out-of-state guests or just friends or family that stay for the weekend, you can create a room where they can relax, have their own space, and feel at home in your home!

  1. Choose functional, stylish furniture. Choosing a basic style that has broad appeal is a good place to start. Styles with simple, clean lines work well. Beyond the bed, considering the basic needs of your guests will help you determine which additional pieces of furniture you’ll need. If you often host guests that stay for a week or more at a time, providing a dresser or chest of drawers can be a great way to give them the space they need to comfortably unpack their suitcases. Having at least one nightstand next to the bed gives you a place to put a bedside lamp and alarm clock for your guests, and it gives them a convenient place to sit their personal items such as cell phones, eyeglasses, watches, or jewelry before going to bed. Perhaps you’d like to set up a guest bedroom but can’t bear the thought of purchasing new furniture that barely gets used. This could be a great time to treat yourself to some new bedroom furniture for your own room, sending your current furniture to the guest room. You’ll be able to adequately furnish the guest bedroom while selecting that new furniture you’ve been dreaming of—a win-win situation! 
  2. Room for storage. While you may use your guest bedroom closet as a spare place to store your own extra clothes or belongings, make sure you clear it out before guests arrive so they have ample storage for clothes, shoes, and suitcases. If you don’t have clothes hangers to spare, purchase a few extra sets to keep in the guest bedroom closet so there are always enough for guests. Clear the shelving in the top of the closet to make room for guests’ suitcases. That’s also a great place to keep extra blankets and pillows in case guests need them.
  3. Comfortable mattress. No matter how nice your furniture or how attractive the decor, your guests won’t likely have the best experience staying in your guest room if all they do is toss and turn all night on a noisy or uncomfortable mattress. If your budget doesn’t allow for a top-of-the-line mattress, consider purchasing a luxurious mattress topper to help make the mattress more comfortable.
  4. Neutral decor. Whether you’re starting a guest room from scratch or converting a room into a guest room, it can be challenging to come up with a decorating theme with others in mind. Sticking to neutrals or a soft, relaxing color palette is a good rule of thumb. If you use gender-neutral bed coverings and artwork, your guest room is sure to appeal to any guest.
  5. Soft towels and a place to discard them. Make sure to provide guests with several days’ worth of soft towels and washcloths. Also, be sure to provide an in-room or in-bathroom place to discard used linens, or let your guests know where they can conveniently discard them.
  6. Personal, welcoming touches. Providing travel-sized toiletries and a loofa, a basket full of snacks, or an extra set of bathrobes or slippers will make your guests feel as though they are staying at a luxurious hotel. Having a few current magazines or interesting books on ?hand is also a nice touch for those guests who enjoy reading before they go to bed. It’s also a good idea to provide a basic night light that guests can use if they choose—especially if your guests are children. Even adults may find a night light handy in case they need to see where they’re going in a dark, unfamiliar setting.
  7. Adequate window treatments for privacy. If your guest room was used for another purpose previously, such as an office, you may not have thought about the need for privacy. Make sure your guest bedroom is equipped with adequate window treatments to provide privacy and to minimize or block out any light that may come into the room from street lights or security lights.
  8. Consider electronics. If your home is equipped with Wi-Fi and you’d like to share access with your guests, it’s a good idea to set up a guest network with a separate password from your regular network password. You could then print the access information and leave it in the bedroom for your guests. If you have a small spare TV on-hand and can easily hook up a TV in the room, that’s a great way to make your guests feel they can relax in their own space without imposing on your main TV, especially when guests are staying for an extended period. 

Whether you need to buy new furniture for a guest bedroom, or would like to upgrade your current bedroom furniture, we have handcrafted hardwood furniture in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes that are bound to make an impression! Locate a CVW dealer near you to get started!

Create a guest room that will make your guests feel right at home

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